listening page

Courtesy of composer, Robert Miller

Why We Fight: “Dawn Sweeps the Amber Hill” (Oboe, 2005) 

Why We Fight: “Reflection on the Last Idealism” (English Horn, 2005)

Cosmic Collisions of the Moon (Museum of Natural History Planetarium Film, 2012)

Emflu Dan Laura (English Horn)

Solitary Journey (English Horn)

The Reunion (Oboe)

Fragile (English Horn)

Heineken Beer Waltz (Oboe and English Horn)

Nasonex Bee (Oboe)

The Caller (Oboe, 2008 )

The Forgotten Kingdom (Oboe, 2013)



“Arctic Wildlife” (Kerry Beaumont)

“Funeral Procession” (Kerry Beaumont) 

“Melting Snow” (Kerry Beaumont)

“Flower Garden” (Phoebe Frost)

“Coming to Terms” (Doug Wood)

“Heroine” (Doug Wood)

“Breakfast Show” (Doug Wood)